New gardeners


My son and partner just purchased a small home with a small fenced back yard in the Long Branch area of Etobicoke.  There are existing plants but the kids have little idea of what they are or how to take care of them or how to change things up if they choose.  I am hoping to find someone who will come to their home to spend an hour or two to walk them through basic gardening strategies of identifying plants, how to care for them etc.  I live in Kingston so am looking for suggestions to give them this consult as a gift.


As mentioned on our Ask a Master Gardener page, Master Gardeners do not do home visits. However, there is a great resource available to your son and his partner.

Just visit the Landscape Ontario professional association’s web site  here.  That site contains excellent gardening information as well as lists of member companies providing services in landscape design, construction and maintenance, as well as specialists in lawn care, irrigation, lighting, tree care, snowplowing and interior landscaping.  You will also find a list of local garden centres.

Choose the Contact a Company section, then the service needed (probably Landscape Designer) and you will be able to indicate your son’s location on the map that pops up.  With that information, the site will direct you to people who can help him, people who are right in his neighbourhood and how you are able to contact them.

Your idea is a very thoughtful gift and a great way to start off some new gardeners.