New Magnolia Tree


We put in a Magnolia tree this year it’s almost six feet tall.(western exposure full sun)
I just need to know what to do with it before we get any frost.

Is it safe to say it will need to be wrapped and if so when should I do this?


The best way to protect your tree from the wrath of winter is to select a cold hardy cultivar which can survive in our region.

That said, it is also good to make sure your tree is planted away from heavy winds, and salt spray etc.

For winter protection of plants, the most common techniques are mulching, wrapping and mounding.

I think the most important thing to do in this case is mulching to protect the roots.

When mulching, it is recommended to spread your mulch around the tree creating a donut shape, such that the tree trunk sits in the middle of the ‘donut hole’. Don’t allow the mulch to touch the trunk, as this can encourage problems with moisture and disease.  You can lay the mulch down from 4” to 6” thick and spread it out to the drip line to protect the roots of your tree.

For more information on other winterization techniques and proper mulching, please see the links below.

Good luck!