Non-fruiting Apple Tree


I have an apple tree.  For 10 years it has never flowered, never given fruit.  I need the phone number of someone who can graft in branches.  I have access to another tree 2km away.  I need someone to help me.





Apple trees should be bearing fruit by their third to fifth year. Assuming that your apple tree is in good health otherwise, it is likely that the kind of apple tree you need to pollinate your tree is too far away to allow pollination.  Pick another type of apple tree cultivar, which flowers about the same time as your tree, to allow for pollination.  That said, some cultivars are better cross pollinators for some cultivars than others.

 For more information, I suggest you contact the following associations:

The Ontario Apple Growers at by phone at 905-688-0990

Landscape Ontario Hort Trades at or 1-800-265-5656

Also try your local gardening centre, as they may be able to help you.