Norfolk pine


I have a Norfolk pine that I love very much but I don’t know how to trim it, it appears that there is another tree growing with it so I cut that back? I also live in Granbury, texas should l let it stay out in the winter months or bring it in I love this tree and don’t want to hurt or damage it. Her name is emerald


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners concerning your Norfolk Island  Pine Tree.

Norfolk Island Pines usually do not require pruning and the only pruning that needs to be done is to remove the brown tips and dead branches. Cutting off the growing tip will destroy its natural symmetrical shape.

Commercial growers propagate Norfolk pines from seed and as a result two seedlings are allowed to grow together in the same pot. Unfortunately, because the plants are so close to each other they tend to crowd out each other and could prevent the symmetrical development of their neighbour by shading them. Depending how big your tree is, the roots of the two trees might be so entangled and as a result, it will be difficult to separate them.

The only alternative would be to prune and remove the weaker specimens by cutting it off just below the soil line. This fact sheet by the University of Connecticut gives more information on the proper care of this  beautiful plant.

Not being familiar with the hardiness zones of Texas I would contact the Master Gardeners Association of Texas here

All the best to you and Emerald.