Optimum Filler for Downspout Extension(follow-up question)


I checked with our neighbour about water distribution before the Autumn installation, and they had the same setup on their side, and welcome water for their thriving garden. I just want to keep down weeds. Can you clarify the use of gravel? Do you mean just fill the 2 square foot space with pea gravel, as the simplest solution? I thought using mulch would be the easiest solution, but I think weeds would grow into the mulch as it decomposes? Also over the day you provided a prompt reply, some critter added scat again, so they’re either creatures of habit, or reading the TBG website.


Thank you for asking for a clarification: stone, pea gravel is one option to consider ..it is permeable and can be nice looking . Good luck and please be in touch if we can be of further assistance .