Orange Trumpet Vine on Balcony


I am considering planting orange trumpet vine on the trellis on my balcony. My balcony faces southwest and get mostly afternoon sun. I know trumpet vine is well known for its invasiveness. I am worried that the roots may spread out to the wall on my balcony. Would planting the vine in a window box or a large bucket limit its growth? What kind of planter or container should I use?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Trumpet vine is a very aggressive plant. Planting the vine in a container should limit its growth. Regular pruning will be necessary to keep the vine under control. It blooms on new growth, so spring pruning should not affect the flowering.

Make sure that the structure you are using as a trellis is sturdy because the weight of mature plants can be considerable.

Look for a cultivar that is reputed to be more compact and less aggressive, for example, Indian Summer.

You might consider planting a less aggressive vine.

Balconies have tougher growing conditions (typically colder and drier than at ground level). So, look for plants that thrive are at least two hardiness zones hardier than the normal zone for your area, e.g., for Toronto (zone 6a), plants should be hardy to zone 4. Some vines to consider: ivy, climbing hydrangea, clematis, honeysuckle and morning glory.

Another possibility is to choose a vine which overwinters indoors. The black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata), with orange, yellow or white flowers will bloom all summer and would do well in part shade. A Mandevilla vine, a tropical with deep green leathery leaves and huge flowers in pinks to reds that blooms all summer, may be another option if your balcony has enough sun.

For further information on suitable vines for a balcony see the link below:

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