I have 4 orchids that were given to me years ago that have re-bloomed several times. Last fall I replanted them since they were very root bound. I used the designed mix for orchids and terracotta pots. I water them once a week with a soluble orchid fertilizer. I am now just getting a few rizomes, but no evidence of flower shoots. Do I need to be more patient, for them to re-bloom



Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

It sounds like you have been successful wit what you had been doing, so the day to day care does not sound like any problem. The only thing I would hold back on is fertilizing them while they are blooming.

Without knowing what type of orchid you have, the most popular orchid sold here in nurseries is the Phalaenopsis , that typically blooms mostly during the late winter months to  spring season.  Some other types bloom on and off during the year.

There are different types of orchids that grow in different mediums , so as long as you used something similar to what you had been using,  that should work.

The fact that your orchid may skip a year blooming does not surprise me that much, especially after you have moved it from a more confined pot.  This is fairly common that after an orchid is moved from a pot bound setting to a more spacious pot, they put more energy into root growth at the expense of flower production. Thus is a natural process, so I would not be concerned.

Enjoy your orchids!