Ornamental grasses that do well in Toronto


Hello! We are redoing our landscaping and would like to include some ornamental grasses surrounded by black mulch. I’ve walked by many new houses with this style but the grasses often look spindly, unhealthy or dead. Are there specific types of grasses that do well in Toronto’s climate?

Thanks kindly!


There are many wonderful ornamental grasses to choose from but selecting the right plants for your growing conditions is important. Many grasses prefer full sun, some are invasive so look for clump forming varieties. Most grasses offer interesting seed heads in the fall and can be left on to enjoy all winter and cut back in the spring. Select grasses that hardy to at least zone 6 for Toronto.


A visit to the Toronto Botanical Garden will provide an excellent study of the use of grasses along the Entry Garden Walk and here is a link to an inspiring article by one of our Toronto Master Gardeners with ideas and practical information on designing and growing grasses:


For more details on individual selections visit one of Ontario’s growers at: