Over-wintering Begonias?


Since moving to a 29th floor apartment with a north-facing balcony, I’ve been experimenting with what will/will not thrive up here. The begonias we’ve planted in hanging pots seem quite happy; would it be possible to over-winter them somehow? Thankfully, we also have access to a vegetable patch on the ground.

P.S. I’ve just discovered this website and am thrilled!


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question on over wintering begonias. To begin, you will need to determine which species of begonia you are growing. This will determine whether your begonias can be grown indoors as houseplants, or if they have tuberous roots that will require a winter dormant period, during which they will need to be lifted, dried and stored. All the information you need is provided in Growing Begonias Indoors: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide.

Please follow this link to access the guide:


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