Overwintering Cacti at Edwards Gardens


I was at Edwards Gardens recently and saw several individual cacti planted outdoors, mostly in areas that got lots of sun, and with a foliage or wall protection at the rear. I also saw a cacti garden (projecting away from a building) containing maybe 10 or 15 different species. Some of the individual plantings and some of the cacti in the cacti garden appeared very well established, and I have trouble envisaging how they could be transposed indoors in the winter, some appearing old and large.
My question is: what does Edwards Gardens do with them in the winter? Do they place them indoors, or do they protect them outdoors? If the latter, how do they do it?


There is indeed a beautiful assortment of agaves, cacti and euphorbias at Edwards Gardens. All of these will be taken into the greenhouse for the winter.  None would survive outside during the winter months in our climate. Edwards Gardens has many plants in pots in that area.  Most, if not all, will also be kept in the greenhouse over the winter months.

If you are asking how they transport them to the greenhouses, I imagine they use dollies to take the large containers inside.