Overwintering Caladium Bulbs


How can I save my caladiums as I have no space to store them indoors.  I tried to bring them indoors but by the time spring comes around they are all dried up.  Is there anywhere I could save the bulbs over the winter?


As the temperature begins to drop, and cool weather begins to damage the leaves, it is good to be thinking about storing your Caladium tubers for the winter.  To do this, gently dig them up, and trim back any remaining foliage. Let the tubers cure for a couple of weeks in a cool, dry spot, and then shake off any soil. To store the tubers, place them in a shallow tray, covered with loosely packed vermiculite or dry peat moss.  Keep them in a dark cool location at approximately 50˚F/10˚C with low humidity. An unheated garage might be ideal. Check them each month through winter, and spray them lightly with water if they seem to be drying out.

When outdoor soil is warm and all danger of frost has passed, you can plant outside again – at around the time when you would plant tomatoes, or approximately the first week in June in the Toronto area. Place tubers about 2″/5 cm deep with the eye of the tuber on top. Caladiums do best in a shady, wind-free spot with well-drained, fertile soil. They also appreciate regular feeding.

Good luck with your plants!