Overwintering tropical plants indoors


I have tropical plants outside in pots that I want to overwinter indoors. I don’t want to bring in any bugs. What should I spray on them?



A problem such as lady bugs flying around the house after bringing plants inside for the winter can  be rectified. The good news is lady bugs are beneficial insects so will not harm any of the plants.  In order to keep the bugs out of the house its a good idea to shake the leaves of plants to get them to fly off or give a strong blast from a hose before giving an application of insecticide soap and water. Where slugs have been found in the soil its a good idea to submerge plant in bucket of luke warm water, so soil is covered, for 15 minutes . This will draw slugs and other  insects out so you can pick them up and dispose of. If many bugs may have to transplant in new potting mix. Prune plant by one third and keep in similar as possible light conditions as outside.