Pandanus Veitchii


I was just wondering when I can put my Pandanus Veitchii plants outside and when I should bring them back in? Also, can I use Schwatz Plant Food to fertilize them? If not what product would you recommend?




Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. It’s a great idea to have your plant outdoors during the summer. Pandanus tectorius ‘Veitchii’ must have warm temperatures, 14 C minimum. And there should be a slow gradual adjustment to the outdoors. As the nights approach 14 C in the fall, that is when to bring them inside. The Toronto Master Gardeners do not recommend specific products, however your plant will benefit from a weak solution of a balanced fertilizer (the numbers on the label should be the same, for example 10-10-10), applied more frequently during the growing season than when it is dormant (in the winter).

Here are our responses to a couple of previous questions about P. tectorius ‘Veitchii’ that provide further information :

Good luck with your plant !