Panicled Hydrangea



I recently bought a white panicled hydrangea bush but might have underestimated how much sun my North facing front yard receives a day. It’s mostly shade except for a couple hours of late day sun. Is that enough sun for it to live?

Many thanks!


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners concerning your panicled type Hydrangea.

Panicled hydrangea also known as Peegee hydrangeas, hardy hydrangeas, and Limelight hydrangeas are the easiest to grow, and are the most adaptable of all the hydrangeas. These hydrangeas will flower with a minimum of 4 hours of bright afternoon sun, 6 hours or more is preferable for full flower for. They are adaptable to most soil types however cannot tolerate wet feet, so make sure that wherever you plant them the soil does not stay wet for too long.

Unlike the macrophylla hydrangeas, panicled hydrangeas are reliable bloomers since they form their flower buds in the spring on new wood. As a result they are best pruned in late winter or early spring, before flower bud formation.

For more information on these beautiful hardy shrubs: Hydrangea paniculata