Growing in part shade


I am in Mississauga. I have a shade area under tall pine trees. The area only gets sun from 1- 3 pm. The rest of it has no sun. Can you suggest some plants for that site. I did try Astilbe, but it turns yellow.



You have a big challenge with that area of your garden! 2 hours of sun really makes this a shady area. Further, the pine trees act like a big umbrella, keeping the rain off the area below. That is probably why your astilbes, which are moisture-lovers, were so unhappy.

Any plants you put in that area will need regular watering, especially in their early years. Although they will grow, they are unlikely to be as successful as they might be in moister shade. That said,  you could consider sweet woodruff and lily of the valley, both of which are resilient plants and would provide a low ground cover effect with spring flowers. Bleeding hearts and ferns may also work for you.

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