Passionflower pests


IMG_0525Hi Master Gardener,

A pest issue has been a big trouble for my passion flower which is a house plant. The small black bug is so tiny and which spreads out so quickly on the leaves. The leaves are dying and I have no idea how to deal with it. Your advice will be truly appreciated. Please see the attached photos for your reference.

Many thanks



Thank you for your question and picture.

From the picture it looks like the damage is on the underside of the leaf. It looks like you could have some “aphid” damage.  Aphids can cause a lot of damage in warm weather.  You may note a sticky material buidling up on the underside of the leaves – which is often referred to as honeydew.  The honeydew then attracts a black mould which is perhaps what you are seeing.  Spray your plant with water which can help to knock off any existing aphids.  Repeating this on a regular basis can prevent further damage.

Although many cosmetic pesticides are now banned in Ontario, insecticidal soaps are still available and can be used.  Always read the label carefully, and use only products whose labels specify they are to control aphids.

If the above solution, does not seem to fit with your plant’s problem, please notify us again.