Peace Lily losing dark green colour


I have a peace lily that no longer has nice dark green shiny leaves. It sits near a window that faces west. I bought it in 2013. It’s been fertilized approx 2-3 times since I got it.

What could be causing it and what do I need to do to get looking nice and healthy again.


Dear gardener,

Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum spp.) are tropical plants from the rain forests of northern South America, praised for their ability to remove indoor air pollution.They are easy to maintain as long as their natural growing conditions are emulated.

Light: Strong, direct sunlight will damage the leaves and their vitality. If you can find a very bright spot, away from direct light, I think your plant will do a bit better.

Air: Make sure your plants is not exposed to cold drafts or direct heat as this could also affect negatively your tropical plant.

Finally, keep the soil regularly moist (but not wet). Watering can be reduced during the winter months but never let the soil dry completely as this causes tremendous stress to this plant.

In terms of fertilizer, I have to confess I do not use any. I have had my Peace Lily since ’91 and it blooms without the need for chemicals. I do however repot my plants every 2-3 springs in order to ensure the medium has some nutritional value and good moisture retention.

Hopefully these little changes will make a difference to this beautiful, and useful plant.