Peach Fruit Disease?



My 10 year old Early Redhaven peaches have what look like red pimples on the fruit. Can you tell me what this is/how to remedy/is the fruit still safe to eat? For some reason I cannot download the photo to send. Will DM if you send your email.

Many thanks,


Hello I am sorry to hear that your peaches have been affected so badly.  Thank you for sending in the photo, it was helpful in narrowing down the”suspects” as peaches are susceptible to so many diseases and pests.  After reviewing the photo, I think it could be an insect:  Brown Marmorated stink bug, also known as BMSB.  Peaches are the preferred target of these bugs.  The damage on the fruit is a result of the enzymes inserted while the bug is feeding.   I have included two links which describe this pest and contain photos that may confirm this suspicion.  This link will also describe the possible controls of this pest.   If it is the case that the BMSB is the culprit the fruit unfortunately is not edible.

The other possibility is Peach Scab.  This is a fungal disease that is common in conditions of high humidity.  It is sometimes called “Peach freckles” so this might indeed be the issue with your peaches.  If this is the case, other than the condition makes the skin difficult to remove, the fruit is still edible.  Here are some links to Peach Scab, again hopefully the photos will help you with the diagnosis as well as possible treatments. Good luck with your peaches!