Peony sprout


Hello, I planted some bare root peonies last November in an area that gets good sun. I didn’t mulch and only planted them a few inches deep. I am wondering when I should expect some sprouting? I am worried that they might have died over the winter. I am in Toronto zone 6a.


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Peonies come out late spring early summer that is April to May and bloom in June. We are in March and it is still early for peonies. Good news is that you planted in the fall. If you planted the eyes too deeply it will affect blooming on peonies but not necessarily that the plant will die. Planting the eyes too deep will not allow your peony to bloom. Peony Planting and Care  

Keep an eye out starting April if the weather warms up, for the tips of the peonies. Here are some photos of what the sprouts will look like Sprouting Peony Photos .