I have started my pepper plants from seed.  It is still too early to set them out and they have developed blooms indoors.  Should I be pinching off the blooms until they are planted out?




Don’t remove the flowers.  Think about “No flowers = no fruit”.  The flower petals on the plant will drop off and a few days later, the fruit will begin to form.  It looks as if your pepper plants will be quite productive.  The weather is now warm enough that you can start hardening off the plants so that they are not shocked when planted outdoors.  Do this by putting them outside for a few hours each day to start with, and increasing the length of time until the plants are out for most of the day.  This should take at least a week to ten days.  Plant them out in a sunny location into moist, well drained soil that has been enriched with well rotted compost or sheep manure.  Peppers are bushy plants with attractive foliage so enjoy the look of the pepper plant as well as the fruit!

For futher reading I’ve attached a link to the Toronto Master Gardeners Guide to Organic Vegetable Gardening: