Perennial Weed Flowers


I am so tired and frustrated since my neighbor who is now gone planted these so called purple flowers but I think they are invasive perennial weeds. They have purple flowers and multiply every year, they don’t care about light or lack of and no complaints with the soil they grown in. They are taking over my beds, starting to shoot up in the lawn and also my walkways. What can I do to get rid of them forever and ever?

Please help me.

Thank You


Thanks for getting in touch with Toronto Master Gardeners. Even though it’s unclear from the picture that you have attached, the plant that you are wanting to eradicate is most likely a wild violet (viola sororia). Even though many might welcome the presence of this native wildflower in their gardens, others feel that it is a weed to be eradicated, especially when it grows in lawn areas. To learn more about this plant and how to control it in your garden, please see: There is also very informative article about dealing with wild violets–check out the link at the end of the above link.

This plant is considered a beneficial plant in woodland areas–it is a host plant for the Fritillary butterfly. However, it is understandable that one might not want it in a cultivated garden or lawn area.

All the best in ridding your garden of these violets–it will take some persistence over a period of time to do so.