Plant id – Hydrangea paniculata


Hello, I just moved into a new cottage and don’t know very much about gardening. It has a lovely perennial garden and I want to make sure I take care of it properly. Could you please tell me what these plants are and how to care for them… Ie cut back in spring/ fall. Thanks! I have a bunch of pictures so I will copy this message and send it with each picture



This plant is a Hydrangea, likely a Hydrangea paniculata.  It’s not possible to identify precisely the variety from your photograph, but it may be a PeeGee or a Little Lamb.  Hydrangeas of this type should be pruned in late winter, before their spring growth begins – they form their blooms on new wood.  Because they need to grow and set their buds in the same year that they bloom, Paniculata Hydrangeas generally bloom later than other kinds of Hydrangeas, beginning mid-summer and continuing to flower until the first frost.

Here are a couple of websites with good general information:

And here is a site that gives clear pruning instructions: