Perennials, how to encourage rebloom


Perennials – what perennials can I deadhead to encourage re bloom, I  have daisies and many others.


It’s difficult to give you hard and fast rules, as perennials are many and there are always exceptions. Members of the daisy family (Compositae), for example, include shasta daisies – for which deadheading can extend the blooming period, if growing conditions are right – as well as the great big sunflowers – which take too long to produce new flowers in our climate.

Generally, plants that make tiny buds where the stem meets the leaf can often be successfully forced to rebloom by deadheading. Plants that grow from a bulb, such as Asiatic lilies, and/or that produce a leafless stalk topped by a flower head, such as allium, will not rebloom.

We do not usually offer links to commercial suppliers. However, this nursery in Minnesota offers one of the best plant-by-plant deadheading references I could find on the web. I hope you find it useful: