In your experience, what are the best perennials to buy that withstand all temperatures and weather.

I plan to buy perennials that are planted in the spring.

Thank you!


Choosing perennials for one’s garden can be daunting–the options are limitless. Knowing your growing conditions–type of soil, sun exposure, climate, etc.–will help to narrow the choices of plants, especially if you are looking for tried and true  ‘low-maintenance’ plants. ‘The right plant in the right place’ will keep plant care to a minimum. Therefore it is important that one determine soil conditions, light patterns, available moisture, prevailing winds and temperature ranges before making plant choices.

Toronto Master Gardeners have  a couple of Perennials Gardening Guides on this site that provide lists of perennials for a variety of conditions. These should help you get started.

How much space do you have for plants? One must consider the mature sizes of the plants. What colours do you prefer?  Most perennials bloom for a specific time during the growing season; many perennials have interesting foliage. Do you want plants that spread or stay in clumps? What plant combinations do you prefer? Knowing the habits of the plants will help you make choices.

Spring is the best time to plant most perennials. Just make sure that the soil in which you intend to put your perennials is well-drained and prepared with lots of organic matter–compost, shredded leaves, or manure. No matter what type soil you have, adding organic matter is essential to provide nutrients and optimum growing conditions for the plants. Mulching around the plants will also help the soil retain moisture during the summer and prevent weeds from growing as well as provide the soil with nutrients. Once the perennials are established, they should give  you many years of pleasure.