Pergola vine


I am looking for vine for my pergola. Location is full sun.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners regarding selection of a vine for your pergola. It is difficult to give a precise answer to your query as the following information is not available in your description and needs to be considered in your planning:

  • the plant hardiness zone, see
  • is the site sheltered or exposed to drying wind?
  • the type of soil – sand, clay, loam or a combination
  • the moisture level at the planting site – is drainage adequate?
  • competition from other plants or trees
  • soil temperature at the root zone in full sun – some plants such as clematis need shaded soil at the root level
  • the type of pergola and the method by which the vine climbs – does it have tendrils (wisteria, grapes) or does it need to be fixed to the pergola (roses)

Several other aspects to consider are:

  • preference for native species
  • the amount of maintenance required
  • vigorousness of growth
  • potential for invasiveness
  • colour
  • is it pollinator friendly?
  • winter interest
  • proximity to building foundations, etc.

Vines/Climbers choices: There are many plants which have the potential of meeting your needs. A visit to your local garden centre or an online search (there are numerous Canadian suppliers/sources which have become more available since the onset of covid restrictions) would be helpful in acquiring your selected plant, vine of climbing shrub. Please see the following sites for ideas:

For more information, please see:

Vines: Climbers and Viners – Methods of Attachment

Wishing you much enjoyment of your planted pergola.

March 18,2018