Persian Lime Plant


First of all I want to thank you for accepting my question.

I have a 4 year old Persian Lime plant, Last year It gave given me 3 nice lovely limes. BUT I do get a lot of flowers and baby limes but eventually all the lime buds falls out.

Last month I repotted it in a nice big pot with Miracle grow potting soil. After my repotting it had over 100s’ of flowers and lime buds but now nothing left. All fall out.
I only water it whenever the soil is dry.
I have not fed it with any other fertilizer.
Please Help.

Thank you and hoping to hear from you



The Persian Lime, or Tahiti Lime (Citrus latifolia Tan.) is a popular container citrus tree and it’s great that yours provided you with limes last year.   You have done the right thing in repotting at this point in your tree’s life.

Some fruit and flower drop is normal, particularly in the summer.  Often citrus trees produce more flowers and fruit buds than they can sustain.  Extremely hot or dry weather can also trigger fruit and blooms to drop.  It is possible that your tree may have become too dry before it was watered: if you observed an excessive flower or fruit bud drop a few days following a watering this may be the cause.  A consistent watering schedule may help here.  Your tree should not be allowed to dry out completely.  You may also wish to prune your tree lightly in the late winter if branches are crowded.  Suckers should be pruned as soon as you notice them. This will help to keep your tree shapely and will promote better fruit production.  Some growers recommend an annual citrus fertilizer that is high in nitrogen in early spring.

Sometimes container plants experience environmental stresses that are difficult to identify.  If your Persian Lime is looking healthy in all other respects, it will likely produce flowers and fruit next year.  In the meantime, enjoy its glossy foliage which is rather lovely in itself!