Propagating a Phalaenopsis orchid


I have a phalaenopsis which is growing a leaf with root on the flower stalk. How do I take it off and replant it? Is it saveable? My orchids are doing so well in a south facing windowsill that they are all flowering like mad! I’m lucky!!


Thank you for bringing your gardening question to Toronto Master Gardeners.

Congratulations!  You have a Keiki (Hawaiian for baby)!!

If your keiki has roots of 2-3 inches, you can repot  the mother and the baby. Cut the keiki about 1-2 inches down the flower spike. Some people recommend planting both together in the same pot in fresh mix. It is belief that the mother plant will help regulate moisture conditions in the pot. Gently set the little plant next to the mother and encourage the roots to go downward and establish themselves in the pot. It is ok to bury a bit of the cut off flower spike with the keiki to stabilize it. Once repotted it, do not expose the plant to direct sunlight until is has been established.

My favourite author on the subject of plant propagation is Ken Druse.  His book, Making More Plants, has good information on Phalaenopsis.

Keep up the good work with your orchids!