Pink dahlia


Location Pickering
Climate zone- 5-6
5-6 hours of sun
I consistently water them
Recently put in topsoil .

Hello, I recently purchased a pink dahlia, and I planted them.
I fear I may have planted it too late.
But Regardless of that, the end of the plant is not doing so well.
I’m wondering if I’ll be getting any flowers this summer and if the flower will grow from it.
I hope you can help me with this.


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your gardening question.

It is true that it is a bit late for planting dahlias, but I just put some in as well so I hope it was not too late to get some flowers by late summer!

The one part of your dahlia looks as though it is growing quite well – lots of foliage and fresh new leaves. The withered up stem tip may not have caught on as well. Sometimes the stems growing from the eyes of the tuber do not survive planting out into the garden. I would give it a chance to leaf out. If it doesn’t, and the tip dies, you can cut it off.

Make sure to keep the dahlia moist. Do not let it dry out as this can lead to browning and drying of the leaves. At the same time, make sure it has good drainage because it does not like to be wet. Fertilizer will assist in flower production as well. Make sure to use a low nitrogen, high phosphorous fertilizer to promote flower groowth rather than vegetal growth.

Here is an article on general dahlia care:

Best of luck with your dahlia plants!