Pink flowers on my hydrangea


For the last 2 or 3 years, the pink flowers on my hydrangea are fewer and are hidden at the bottom of the plant. Otherwise the leaves look healthy. I am not sure if i am pruning it properly in the spring or whether this has anything to do with the flowering pattern. Please advise. Thank you.


Your pretty hydrangea has well tended foliage and good shape, suggesting you prune regularly, especially for shape.

Some of the sources consulted indicate that spring pruning should include ridding the bush of lateral and sucker shoots from the ground.   One source consulted states that blooming occurs on old growth from last season OR new growth. Other sources indicate that you need to trim back to a clear new bud, thus avoiding what you have in the photo, hidden flower buds.

Consider also that the healthy foliage may be the result of using more fertilizer than is needed, which may include too much nitrogen (the first number in the 3 groups of nutrients). Try feeding more light. Be sure to water deeply as the flower buds are forming in the spring