Plant flowers – I.D. please


Could you please tell me the name of the flowers in the attached.




It is difficult to positively identify this plant from just a picture of the flowers without seeing the plant leaves, stems, bark and growth habit.  Our best guess is that it is Weigela florida, perhaps the pale pink cultivar “Polka”.

Weigela is a shrub that is tremendously popular in the garden because of its ease of cultivation and its abundant and long-lasting floral display throughout the summer.  Here is a profile of this shrub, whose leaves can be variegated or deep green, and whose blooms can range from red to deep wine to pale pink:

The above being said, there is one other possibility to this plants identity and that is Linnaea amabilis, previously known as Kolkwitzia amabilis or commonly known as Beauty bush.  It is also very popular with the home gardener.

Both of these plants come from the same family – Caprifoliacaea, but with different genus, so sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart.