Plant Id: Dead Nettles?


IMG_1260Are these dead nettles? They seem to be spreading on the lawn in the front yard, but don’t have the stem that I see on images on the internet, and in the back yard.
I read a treatment suggestion by hand, which would be a lot of work, since they’re replicating more than dandelions, but smaller.
My knees might need the balance of the summer to get over the dandelion-pulling marathon earlier in the summer. The good news is most of them are gone!



I’m afraid the image is too blurry for us to identify the plant. However, all dead nettles do have a distinctive square stem, so if these plants do not, you are correct in thinking they are not dead nettles. One of our Master Gardeners thinks perhaps you have white clover spreading in the lawn. Have a look at some images of that plant here. And if you can take another crisper picture, do send it to us.