Plant Identification 03


We bought a house in December. The man who flipped the house decided to chop down the entire front hedging/shrubs that bordered the front. Some have started to grow back, and I assume they are actually proper shrubs rather than weeds as coming from around the stumps. I would like help identifying so I can research care/pruning etc. I suppose I may have to attach the files all to seperate messages.


You have submitted several photos of plants. I could discern but two different kinds of plants on these pictures. One has been identified as an elm in another post. Without flowers I cannot identify with certainty the one pictured above and I do not recognize in it any of the plants usually used for hedging. The elm most likely has just self seeded as may have the plants pictured. The attempt to get rid of them by chopping them back maybe even several times has resulted in their suckering shrubby new growth from the base.

You may want to wait and see if the plants pictured produce some flowers which would allow to identify them properly and help you decide if it is worth keeping them.

On the other hand it can be rather difficult and time consuming to nurse plants, especially tree like the elm, in these conditions back to a pleasing form.  In case you decide to replace these plants, the following links provide some ideas, suggestions and care instructions.


evergreen hedging


I hope this information is helpful.