Plant Identification


Hi – I live in Mississauga. This garden faces East and gets morning sun and afternoon shade. The soil is heavy but not overly wet or full of clay. I’m not sure when in the season the plant first appears. It twines up plants and has small white flowers (if it escapes my weeding).

This plant may be a purposefully planted vine (by the previous home owner) – I consider it a weed. The root goes very deep and I can’t seem to get them all out. The root is long and goes far into the ground; I usually don’t see off-shoots from it; it’s about 1/8″ around. The plant spreads underground.

I’ve attached 1 photos – its wound around a columbine.

Can you identify what it is and suggest ways to get rid of it please?


Bind Weed

Here is a link to the answer to a question we receive quite frequently.  your weed is bind weed, and it can be controlled- even eradicated but it takes diligence. If you want further reading, here is another link from the University of Nebraska.


good luck.