Plant id – Red valerian




I have been trying to find out what this plant is.
It is growing north of Cobourg Ontario in a sunny location which is very dry and sandy soil. The flowerheads are made up of many tiny trumpet shaped flowers. It begins to bloom in early June and is still putting on a show.

Thank you for your efforts and information.



Thanks for your inquiry about the pictured plant. It can sometimes be difficult to identify a plant from a picture; however, my initial guess is that the plant is Centranthus ruber, commonly known as red valerian or Jupiter’s beard. The growing conditions that you describe are perfect for this plant–it requires good drainage, prefers alkaline soil and full sun.  I’ve actually seen it growing out of old stone walls, so it does quite well in lean soils and is also drought-tolerant.  Enjoy.

If you would like more information about the plant, you might check out this website:

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