Plant identification


I want to know the name of a plant as I lost the tag long ago. I’m in Toronto. This year it has grown about 6 feet tall and is about 12 inches wide. The large leaves have 5 pointy lobes. The flower is compound, light pink, very soft and fluffy looking when in bloom. It’s flowering now, in the first half of July. I originally purchased it from Humber Nurseries for a shade garden. Three neighbourhood trees have been removed, or are dying, so the shade is less, but still substantial in the afternoon. I LOVE this plant.


Dear gardener, what a pretty plant you have.

Another Toronto Master Gardener has helped me identify your plant. She thinks you have a Queen of the Prairie – Filipendula rubra, and she believes the cultivar is Venusta. She has one in her own garden. At the moment, hers is growing in deep shade and is often a paler pink, so she plans to move it into a sunnier spot.  She adds that the plant really does need moisture, despite it being tuberous.

I am sure you love it. I wish I had a bigger city garden so that I could grow a species of it as well!

You may find this information about Queen of the Prairie, from the Texas Wildflower Centre, interesting.