Plant Identification


Good Day!

Could You please tell me name on this plant. Picture was taken on September 09. 2014 in south Etobicoke. Size of the plant is aproximately 2 feet tall and 1foot wide.

Thank You!


Thank you for your inquiry and photo. It is very difficult to positively  identify the plant from this photo. That being said the plant in question could be Summersweet ‘Red Twig’ , Clethra alnifolia ‘Sherry Sue’. This is a deciduous shrub with reddish pink new stem growth and when mature will reach 5-6′ tall. This shrub puts on a show of spicy fragrant  white flowers in mid-late summer after all other shrubs have already finished. The flowers produce hard, brown seedpods that resemble peppercorns and add winter interest..