Plant identification – Corkscrew rush


I purchased this combination a few weeks ago for my balcony and would like to know what these wavy wax-like tentacles are.


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

It is a little difficult to make a positive ID from the picture of your container, with all of the other plants, but I think that the curly plant is a Corkscrew rush (Juncus effusus f. spiralis). This is a variety of rush, a grass-like bog plant. Its stems are leafless. The wild species does not have twisting stems, but there are a few cultivated varieties that have been bred for the nursery trade. It requires a wet soil and is often used at the edge of ponds. As in your situation, it is also used as an interesting feature in containers. Fresh cut and dried stems are also used in floral arrangements.

Here are some links to additional information about this plant and its maintenance:

Don’t forget to keep your Corkscrew rush well watered!