Plant search for native plant


Short of driving to each retail nursery, where can I find “bottlebrush grass”? When I phone, there is never a person who seems to know what this plant is. When I do a “search”, it may tell me something about it need to know who carries stock.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Bottlebrush Grass, Hystrix patula, or more commonly, Elymus hystrix, is a grass native to Ontario, often found growing at the forest’s edge.  It is a graceful clumping grass whose attractive seed heads give it its name, and it is a very worthwhile specimen in a garden, especially in a garden of native plants.

It can be frustrating to track down specific plants and cultivars.  In the case of this grass and other native plants, the North American Native Plant website is a fantastic resource. It includes a list of commercial growers under “Sources,” as well as much other useful information:

Very best of luck finding this lovely grass for your garden.