Plant Substitute


Hi There,

Could you recommend a plant to replace our globe blue spruce in the front yard. Getting a bit too large for the space. Another shrub of some kind preferably. Receives morning sun, afternoon shade

Many Thanks!



It is always exciting when a space opens up for a new plant.

You never mentioned if you were looking for another evergreen or if you are interested in an ornamental shrub. Are you interested in an upright shrub or a similar globe shape or maybe even a more prostrate shrub. Do you have clay or sandy soil ? Does your soil have good drainage? Is your soil slightly acidic?

There is a long list of shrubs that will be able to grow in your location.  When choosing a new shrub the key to success is finding the plant that will grow in the  conditions provided.

If you are interested in an ornamental shrub please refer to our Master Gardeners Guide on : Ornamental Shrubs for various Light Conditions 

You may which to consider planting  broadleaf evergreens. These are shrubs that keep their foliage and provide year round interest. Many grow in partial to full shade. Please refer to our answer on Replacing a Blighted Boxwood for a list on some interesting broadleaf evergreens.


My final suggestion is to take a walk through your local nursery and see what varieties are available in your area and what catches your eye.