Planted a tree….


Good afternoon, I planted a Elizabeth Magnolia tree yesterday on the southeast corner of my property. I believe I dug the hole to the appropriate size, added a garden mix soil and topped it off with a layer of mulch. I lightly watered being careful not to over do it prior to closing up the hole.

My concern is that we had heavy rain for almost 10 hours straight and I can tell that it has taken in a lot of water. My question is, do I expose and facilitate drying up the water or do I leave it be and let it absorb on it’s on. Suggestions?

Thank you.



Usually I would not worry about the tree if it is planted correctly, I have a few items for you to consider though.  When you dug the planting hole did you dig only as deep as the root ball, this method ensures that even in wet conditions this tree will not sink below grade.  Did you back fill with mostly native soil (the soil that was removed to create the hole) , I would not be too worried about excessive water retention with this method. If you used a commercial product it might be so light that with such a heavy watering the soil would compact lower than grade exposing some roots.  You could remove the mulch to check the level of the planting, is it still at the same level as it was when you finished planting yesterday?  I would leave it if it is the same.   Mulch should be in a donut shape around the tree, volcanos of mulch create many problems for trees, here is an article about mulching.