Planting bare root asparagus in pots


Planting bare root asparagus in pots.



Growing asparagus in pots from crowns takes patience.  This vegetable is a perennial plant that produces an edible stem.  They need lots of sun, with at least 8 hours of full sun a day.

Asparagus needs lots of room for their roots, and thus the pot size will limit the number of plants within a pot.  A pot size of 20 inches deep by 20 inches in diameter is needed for one plant.  Ensure your pot has several drainage holes in the base.

Planting asparagus from crowns will allow for harvesting much quicker than seeds.  Mix together equal parts of potting soil, compost, sharp sand and aged manure.  Dig a hole 6-8 inches deep and 14-18 inches wide.  Add a mound of compost at the center of the hole to cradle the roots.  Spread the roots evenly over the mound and cover the crown with 2 inches of soil, just to hold the roots in place.  When the shoots start to appear, add more soil until the hole is full..

Keep the ground moist but not wet.  Overwatering will cause root rot that can kill your plant.  You can fertilize with a 0-20-0 fertilizer according to package instructions or choose compost for an organically grown asparagus.

Growing asparagus from a crown will allow you to harvest two years after planting.  The plant will deteriorate in yield and health if it is harvested earlier.  In the first year let the asparagus produce bushy stems and cut the asparagus to ground level in October.  In the second year of growing asparagus in pots, rake the soil and give your plant a small amount of fertilizer in the early part of spring.  It is best if you mulch your asparagus with compost to keep it nourished and protected from weeds.  Still, do not harvest your spears.  Once in the third year you are now able to harvest spears, but leave the very thin spears on the plant to produce ferns.  This will help your plant build up strength to produce even more spears for the next year.  You can harvest the spears when they reach 4 to 5 inches in length, then cut them a few inches beneath the soil.  Only harvest up until mid-summer to give the plant time to replenish for the following years growth.

A good website that describes in detail how to grow vegetables in containers is:

Good luck growing your asparagus.