Planting bushes in backyard in Stouffville, ON



When can I transplant bushes from containers into the ground in the backyard? I will buy bushes like dogwood, nannyberry, serviceberry etc from a nursery. Thanks.


Thank you for your inquiry.

Toronto Master Gardeners has prepared a guide to planting blooming deciduous trees and shrubs such as the ones you mention.

Reviewing this guide before buying your particular shrubs, will help you choose the right shrubs for your location. The guide covers such selection factors as hardiness, soil type, light requirements and maintenance.

Plants purchased at reputable nurseries usually come with a tag which provides information on the plant’s growing requirements and detailed planting instructions. If there is no tag, discuss the plant’s suitability and planting instructions with the nursery staff before buying the plant.

Spring is a good time to plant shrubs. The detailed information on tree planting found in this gardening guide is also applicable to the shrubs you mention in your question.

Good luck with your backyard garden.