Planting Lavender


I watched your YouTube on cutting lavender. In the episode you mentioned screened lime stones that the lavender is sitting on.

Can you explain what exactly it is, how much was placed, quantity, age of plants that would thrive in that environment.

I have solid clay soil and must amend the space. I am always looking for how best to do it.

Thank you so much.


I hope you enjoyed the lavender pruning video created by Dorothy & Patrick of the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Their use of limestone screening is to create a more freely draining soil for their lavender, as they also garden in clay.  Lavender does not like to have wet roots and as clay soil tends to hold moisture and clump together, it needs to be amended to allow for the moisture to pass through more easily.  Also, Lavender does not like a very fertile soil so adding compost is not advisable.

Screening can be purchased, by the bag, in any nursery, garden centre and many hardware stores.  Pick a sunny spot in your garden and then prepare the planting site.  Dig a fairly large deep hole and then mix some of the removed garden soil with the screening stones – 50:50 ratio.  Backfill the hole with this mixture and then place your lavender plant in the centre.  You can mulch the area with more stones in order to keep weeds at bay.  Any unamended leftover garden soil can be distributed elsewhere in your garden.

This process can be used for young new lavender plantings or older plants that are being moved.

Hope this helps.