Planting privacy trees next to a pool


We have a pool and are looking to plant some fast growing privacy trees. We are obviously concerned with the amount of falling leaves around the pool and the root system so it does not damage the pool. On the back side of the pool we have an easement (slope) which allows us about 3-4 feet of planting space next to our fence. We would love some colour, but we do open our pool (end of April) and close it (mid October) What would you suggest?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Deciduous trees by their definition lose their leaves by winter, which will make for a mess in your pool, so I would recommend an evergreen.

Although you mention measurements, I do not know where you are located or the exposure (north, south, east, west) of your planting area.  The amount of light this area receives, drainage in the site, and soil conditions are other important factors to consider when selecting a plant of any kind, including a tree.

Since you are looking for privacy, a couple suggestions would be cedar or yew, depending on the factors noted in the paragraph above.

The advantage of cedars is that they grow faster than yews and have a lovely scent.  However, cedars prefer full sun to thrive, though they can grow in partial shade.   They also can take up much more width, especially if not well-maintained, than a yew, and like moist, yet well-drained soil.

Yews grow more slowly than cedar, but are denser, therefore, provide more privacy. Yews can be pruned into a slimmer, tighter hedge, if desired.  They are more forgiving than cedar regarding light conditions and will grow in full sun to full shade. They prefer moist, yet well-drained soil.

A reputable local garden center will be able to assist you with the exact variety(ies) to meet your requirements and grow well in your local area.

Here is a link to our Gardening Guide on Evergreen Hedging, for more information:

Best of luck with this planting project!