Planting strawberry and blueberry


1) Can i plant this indoor/ apartment or balcony
2)I live in Toronto 15C night -26C day, humidity 30% to 60%, is it fine with my plant?
3)What soil should I use?
4)What container should I plant it. big one or small one like what we use to bake cupcake, and how deep?
5) How many times I need to water it a week?
6) Where I can buy strawberry and blueberry seeds?



Growing edibles on a balcony can be a very rewarding experience.   The following is information on how to grow each berry.


Blueberries prefer full sun, although the plants will tolerate partial shade.  When growing in a container, choose one that is at least 12 inches in diameter for young plants, then move into a 18-20 inch container when it is outgrows the first one. They require acidic, well drained, loose soil with a high organic matter content. Mix 2/3 organic potting soil with 1/3 potting mix for acid loving plants, which is available at your local nursery. The pH of the soil is critical for blueberry growth as they grow best at a pH of 4.2 to 5.0.  Good drainage is also important because their very fine root system needs adequate aeration.  They need to be watered regularly but do not like to be sitting in water. The soil should be kept consistently moist, not soggy.  A layer of compost with a topdressing of pine bark can help conserve water.

Do plant several different blueberry cultivars for cross-pollination, different harvest times and to determine which cultivars perform best under the conditions you have.  Hardy cultivars such as the early-midseason ‘Northland’, midseason ‘Bluecrop’ and the late midseason ‘Jersey’ are some possibilities.


Strawberries require a bright and sunny location.   Whether it is a strawberry pot, a hanging basket or a planter, you will want a container with good drainage; either several drainage holes at the bottom of the container or multiple holes throughout the container as with a strawberry pot.  This berry has a relatively small root ball and can be grown in containers as small as 10-12 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep. However, the smaller the container, the more frequently you will need to water.  Use a loose, loamy potting mix that will hold water, but drain away any excess.  Strawberry plants will spread out about 2 ft. in every direction, thus small containers will need only 1 to 2 plants.  Like blueberries, they need to be watered regularly but do not like to be sitting in water. The soil should be kept consistently moist, not soggy. Plants should be watered whenever the soil feels dry about inch below the surface.  There are many varieties to choose from.  Day-neutral, everbearing and alpine strawberries are all suited for containers.

Finally, if you would like to grow the berries from seed you can either enquire at your local nursery or search for a local supplier on line.