Plants around a statue


I am planting a mix of perennials and annuals around a church statue but noticed I have a challenge re shade. The area gets between 3-4 hrs of direct sunlight especially on the south side then some dappled light until 5:00 p.m. The trees then shade the whole area. I need some suggestions please. I’m including some photos I took last fall when I planted fall mums. This in Carp ,Ottawa Ontario. Zone is 4. Sun comes up behind the church. Left is South the statue is facing west.



Basically you are looking for plants that will grow well in a situation where there is a mix of sun and shade. Judging from the photo the site is probably well drained. Avoid plants that require full sun only. When checking the plant labels look for full sun or partial/semi shade. There are so many plants out there that it is difficult to make suggestions. Often personal likes and dislikes come into play, not to mention what is available in your local garden centre or nursery. Toronto Master Gardeners have produced a series of Gardening Guides that will help you choose.  Check out the following links:

Hopefully, you will find plants of interest to you from the lists.