plants shrubs tree with the name of Joan, White or Wilson in it.


I will be attending a celebration of life next month and I am looking for a plant, shrubs ,tree or house plant either with the name Joan, White or Wilson in it. Preferably I can get it in Toronto.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
Thank you in advance.


What a very thoughtful way to remember a family member or good friend.  Below I have listed some options for you to consider taking Joan, Wilson or White into consideration.


  1. Hemerocallis ‘Joan Senior’ (daylilly which has reblooming white flowers)
  2. Rose – ‘Dear Joan’ (peachy apricot blooms)


  1. Magnolia wilsonii (white blooms)
  2. Iris wilsonii (pale yellow/yellow white blooms)
  3. Wilson Rhododendron (pink/rose/mauve blooms)
  4. Cornus wilsoniana (white blooms)


  1. Syringa vulgaris ‘alba’ (common white lilac)
  2. Astilbe x arendsii ‘White gloria’
  3. Delphinium ‘White centurian’
  4. Roses:   a. Climbing Iceberg Floribunda;   b. Flower Carpet White;   c. White Parfum de Provence

Hope this gives you something to go on.  I would suggest you find out what the growing conditions may be for the purchased plant and make your selection accordingly.