Plants to grow in flagstone path?


I recently installed a simple flagstone path in my shady back garden – what are some plants that could grow between the stones? something low-growing, durable and perhaps aromatic? I sunk each stone individually so that the soil between them has no crushed limestone base.


Given your shady conditions and good soil, I would recommend planting bugle flower (Ajuga). These plants come in few varieties ranging from 8-15cm (3-6 in) in height and look very pretty amongst stones. The variety called ‘Chocolate Chip’ is particularly low-growing. Another choice, a bit taller, is sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum) or deadnettle (Lamium) which grow 15-20cm (6-8 in) in height. I could also suggest creeping Jenny (Lysimachia), which grows very close to the ground. You may have to tidy some of the creeping stems twice a year.  Lastly, consider  planting mosses, which thrive in moist and shady conditions. Depending on the variety, some require acidity and poor soil.