Plant id – Aquilegia


Please help in identifying this flower.


Thank you for your inquiry. I realize that you have sent in a number of photos all of different types of Columbines, Aquilegia spp.

Columbines can differ dramatically in flower color, size, and shape. Though individual plants are short-lived, lasting only two to three years, columbine self-seeds prolifically and will persist in the garden with volunteer seedlings. So it is no surprise to find the odd specimen cropping up here and there. Natural hybridization will occur between species, by planting your columbines in different areas of your garden can reduce cross-hybridization.

Some varieties, the Winky Series for example, are very like the one in this photo, producing upward facing blooms with short spurs, often in two colours.  The plants are sturdy and compact.

The above photo could be one of the dwarf or semi-dwarf columbines that are terrific for containers as well as in the garden.