Plant ID Calceolaria


I saw this plant at Canada Blooms this weekend but was unable to find out it’s name and if it is an indoor or outdoor plant.

Are you able to assist me in providing the name of this plant?




I also saw this plant at Canada Blooms here in Toronto.

It is a Calceolaria, commonly called Lady’s Purse, Pocket Book Plant, Pouch Flower or Slipper Flower – all for obvious reasons.

It is a biennial, hardy in zones 10-11 as it likes temperatures that fall between 60-65 F.   It is native to Chile and Argentina.  There are about 300 species, but most of the common cultivars are hybrids of the crenatiflora species.  The flowers are shades of red, yellow and orange usually with red, purple or brown spots.  Here in Canada, we know it mostly as a potted plant for indoor use.  It could be used as an annual in containers or as a front of border plant, but the blooms last only a couple of weeks and the plant does not rebloom.

I’ve attached a link below with some additional information on Calceolaria and a second link showing a variety of pictures.